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Writing Consultations

  1. Introduction

From the end of February of the first semester 2016, the HUM EDU instituted writing consultation services directly to its first year students. This was offered in response to students and staff requests at the end of last year regarding the need for this service internally to the HUM EDU. From February 2016, the HUM EDU has employed the services of Roshila Nair, a widely experienced editor and a Masters student in the English Department, to set up and provide these writing services.

  1. Objectives and Aims

The main objective of the HUM EDU writing consultation services is to provide a service that complements the formal courses ED students undertake by introducing to them and/or reinforcing the skills needed for critical writing, while at the same time supporting them by not increasing their workload , that is, by responding to the students requested needs on work in progress and the timeframe in which they are working. In light of all the above, writing consultation services have been provided with the following aims in mind:

  • providing timely and ongoing consultations regarding work (essay topic analysis, feedback on essay drafts, editing guidance and so forth) to first year ED students via direct consultation;
  • providing online (via email) assistance in the above regard to students working on essays and who cannot always physically present themselves for a consultation;
  • providing in depth feedback that addresses not just structural and technical aspects of academic essay writing but also discipline and content-oriented feedback;
  • providing ongoing skilling and mentorship over the long-term to address writing challenges faced by individual students;
  • tracking and monitoring individual students’ progress so as to continually identify areas needing redress and working with them throughout the year to address these so that the full complement of skills are introduced to the student and their use and application checked and corrected by the end of the first year of study;
  • running writing skills workshops on specific aspects of essay writing for medium-sized groups of ED students; and
  • providing writing skills information and tutorials on various aspects of essay writing by making these accessible to first year ED students via a HUM EDU online writing hub.