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Humanities Education Development Unit Team

  Details: Professional Summary:
Name: A/Prof. Ellen Hurst
PositionActing Director &
Course Convenor (DOH1010S: Texts in
the Humanities)
Office: Leslie Social Bldg,
Room 3.01.2,
Upper Campus.
Email: Ellen Hurst
Phone: 021 650 5007
Ellen Hurst-Harosh is a sociolinguist and an Associate Professor and currently Acting Director of the Humanities Education Development Unit (HUM EDU) at the University of Cape Town. She teaches discourse analysis and genre analysis to extended degree students through her course which forms part of the Khanyisa Introductory Courses suite. Her research focuses on African youth language practices including stylects and registers, as well as translanguaging pedagogies and the use of African languages in higher education.
Name: Dr. Shannon Morreira
Position: Senior Lecturer &
Course Convenor (DOH1009S: Concepts in the Social Sciences)
Office: Leslie Social Bldg,
Room 3.01.3,
Upper Campus.
Email: Shannon Morreira
Phone: 021 650 4210
Shannon Morreira received her PhD in Social Anthropology in 2013; the same year she came to work at HUM EDU, where she teaches in the Social Science stream of the Humanities 4 year-degree. She is a Faculty Curriculum Advisor, and runs the Khanyisa Introductory Courses Project. She has a particular interest in designing curricula for inclusive education. Her research centres on the impact of coloniality on knowledge systems, including human rights law and alternative forms of justice; land use; migration; and higher education. She was editor of the Anthropology Southern Africa Journal from 2015 to 2019; and is currently a co-editor of the University of Edinburgh’s  Critical African Studies Journal. Along with numerous chapters and journal articles, she has published a monograph; Rights After Wrongs: Local Knowledge and Human Rights in Zimbabwe in 2016, and has an edited book; Decolonising Curricula and Pedagogy in Higher Education: Bringing Decolonial Theory into Contact with Teaching Practice being released in 2021.
Name: Jaamia Galant
Position: Programme Manager
Office: Leslie Social Bldg,
Room 3.01.5a,
Upper Campus.
Email: Jaamia Galant
Phone: 021 650 2951
Jaamia Galant completed her Masters in Mathematics Education at UCT. She has worked as a mathematics educator at UCT's Schools Development Unit (SDU) and as a researcher at Stellenbosch University's Centre for Research in Science and Technology (CREST), with a focus on research management in Higher Education. She was extensively involved in national mathematics curriculum policy developments post-apartheid. Since 2012 she has been a Research Associate in the School of Education at UCT and worked as Faculty Planning Manager in the Faculty of Humanities, before joining the HUM EDU as Programme Manager. She oversees the monitoring and evaluation of HUM EDU intervention programmes, and manages the Mandisa Academic Mentorship Programme in HUM EDU.
Name: Zaeem Najaar
Position: Administrative Officer
Office: Leslie Social Bldg,
Room 3.01.6,
Upper Campus.
Email: Zaeem Najaar
Phone: 021 650 1967
Zaeem Najaar has been employed at UCT since 2015 across various faculties. He is currently completing his Advanced Diploma in Management (ADM) at the University of the Western Cape.
Name: Nicole Isaacs
Position: Tutor Coordinator
Office: Leslie Social Bldg,
Room 3.01.5b,
Upper Campus.
Email: Nicole Isaacs
Phone: 021 650 7379
Nicci Isaacs completed her Masters in Historical Studies at UCT, and joined the EDU as Tutor Coordinator in 2019. Her role involves overseeing the Plus Tutorial Project, which provides additional forms of teaching and learning support for 4-year degree students. This includes training, supporting and managing Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Extended Degree (ED) tutors involved in the Plus Tutorial project.  Nicci also works closely with UCT Writing Centre and is involved in training writing centre consultants, and coordinating faculty-wide workshops. Her research interests lie in education development, as well as education and pedagogical design in higher education, particularly in helping all students engage more meaningfully with texts and digital learning landscapes.
Name: Diann Selman
Position: Humanities Education Development Technology Assistant
Office: Leslie Social Bldg,
Room 3.01.6,
Upper Campus.
Email: Diann Selman
Phone: 021 650 3348
Diann Selman's role/skill-set lies in ICTs for educational development. Using her extensive knowledge of virtual platforms and UCT academic and administrative systems, she creates user-oriented websites which facilitate the Humanities Plus Tutorial tutor training sessions, alongside developing and managing online educational interventions for the Humanities undergraduate 4-year degree programme. Her educational background is a professional qualification in Graphic Design and New Media Production, as well as Film and Television Studies, for which she holds a UCT Master's degree. Her research interests lie in digital blackness (representation/ reception/ critical theory in media), contemporary visual culture, black/pan-African feminist theory, and digital literacies in the Humanities.