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Centre for Higher Education Development Team

  Details: Professional Summary:
Name: Dr. Catherine Hutchings
Position: Postgraduate Writing Coordinator
Office: Huri ǂoaxa (Hoerigwaggo) Building, Room 5.06, North Lane,
Upper Campus.
Email: Catherine Hutchings
Phone: 021 650 5038
Catherine Hutchings has worked in the Language Development Group (LDG) since 2001. Before that she was employed as a consultant in the Writing Centre, where she initiated the internship project. She has taught on courses in the Humanities, Commerce and Health & Allied Science faculties, including the Academic Literacy Course titled 'Language in the Performing Arts' (LiPA) for students in the Performing and Creative Arts, Language in the Humanities and the language and commerce sections of an Economics foundation course. Her interests are specifically  in the holistic development of the academic student writer (academic mentoring) through reflective writing and narrative analysis, and is curious about the pathways and journeys experienced by these writers as, well as how to make these rich and supportive in the process of their becoming.
Moeain Arend Name: Dr. Moeain Arend
Position: Course Convenor (DOH1002F: Writing in the Humanities)
Office: Huri ǂoaxa (Hoerigwaggo) Building, Room 5.09, North Lane,
Upper Campus.
Email: Moeain Arend
Phone: 021 650 3395
Moeain Arend is an Educationist with a specialisation in Applied Language and Literacy Studies, and a teacher at heart.  He is the convenor of DOH1002F: Writing in the Humanities, and has taught on the course for the past 15 years.  He has also been involved in the design and delivery of AXL1203S: Writing Across Borders, and a Coursera MOOC entitled Writing Your World, which takes the unit's course offerings to thousands of students and staff.  The course's reach beyond our shores emphasises that the need for writing courses, as part of students' learning pathway, is a universal one. His research interests lie in the field of New Literacy Studies; looking at how texts acquire meanings as they travel trans-contextually.  One of his published works in the context of undergraduate teaching is titled, Messiness in meaning-making: Examining the Affordances of the Digital Space as a Mentoring and Tutoring Space for the Acquisition of Academic Literacy.
Name: Dr. Aditi Hunma
Position: Co-Convenor (DOH1002F: Writing in the Humanities)
Office: Huri ǂoaxa (Hoerigwaggo) Building, Room 5.08, North Lane,
Upper Campus.
Email: Aditi Hunma
Phone: 021 650 5523
Aditi Hunma has a background in literature, and a specialisation in Education in the Applied Language and Literacy Studies stream.  She enjoys teaching and is the co-convenor of DOH1002F: Writing in the Humanities course.  As part of her digital literacy portfolio, she has been actively involved in conceptualising blended courses such as AXL1203S: Writing Across Borders.  Her involvement in the design and delivery of the Coursera MOOC entitled Writing Your World, highlighted the fact that academic English is a foreign language for all, and yet is at the centre of how knowledge gets constructed and reconstructed at university.  Her research interests lie in how digital spaces that nurture academic writers can also be harnessed to play a transformative role in higher education. One of her noteable published works is titled Revisiting Writer Identities in Discomforting Spaces: The Envisioned Self in Writing.
Michelle Name: Michelle Henry
Position: Senior Lecturer (MAM1022F: Numbers in the Humanities)
Office: Huri ǂoaxa (Hoerigwaggo) Building, Room 5.04, North Lane,
Upper Campus.
Email: Michelle Henry
Phone: 021 650 1804
In 2015, Michelle Henry joined the Numeracy Centre; an interfaculty unit in the Academic Development Programme (ADP) with strong ties to the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Currently, she convenes the Numbers in the Humanities course for Extended Degree (ED) students. She also teaches on the Quantitative Literacy for Social Sciences courses and interventions offered to students in the Health Science Faculty. Her background is in Psychology, and her research interests focus mainly on stress and cognition, sleep and well-being, as well as memory and learning.
Name: Gideon Nomdo
Position: Co-Convenor (DOH1002F: Writing in the Humanities)
Office: Huri ǂoaxa (Hoerigwaggo) Building, North Lane,
Upper Campus.
Email: Gideon Nomdo
Phone: 021 650 5039
Gideon co-convenes the Language in the Humanities course, DOH1002F: Writing in the Humanities, offering language-based support for students on the extended degree programme. He is interested in academic literacy, curriculum development, student development, and mentorship. He is the Academic Co-ordinator of the Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Programme (MMUF) at UCT. This fellowship is an Equity Development initiative and aims at recruiting highly successful Black students into academia. He is also a mentor on the 100UP programme; a UCT project that aims to address the problem of under-representation by targeting high school learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. Gideon's current research interest is in the area of language and Identity. He is currently busy with a PhD where he is looking at how successful Black (Coloured) students reconstruct their identities in a post-apartheid setting. A core concern in the PhD is identifying "fateful moments" in these students' lives and assessing the impact of these on the identity construction process.