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PLUS Tutorials

The Plus Tut Project

Plus Tutorials are run by the best tutors in the Faculty. They are an important element of the curriculum for the Humanities 4-year Degrees because they are embedded in and linked to the tasks you have to complete for your courses. These tutorials are currently offered in the following departments - Drama, English Language & Literature, Film and Media, Historical Studies, Political Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology – with SLL, Organisational Psycholgy, Anthropology, Linguistics, Gender and African Studies coming on board in 2017.

The Plus Tutorial Project runs extra or longer tutorials based on the work you will be required to do in your regular tutorials in any given week. The extra time is also used to help you prepare for forthcoming assignments, tests and exams. The Plus Tut Tutors may also make use of on-line Writing Hubs attached to your courses’ VULA sites, as a way to give you individualised feedback on written tasks.