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The Humanities Peer Mentorship Programme

In addition to the Foundation Courses and PLUS Tutorials offered to Humanities Extended Degree students, the Humanities Faculty Mentorship Programme (HFMP) offers a social support network. We understand that you may feel more comfortable approaching a fellow student than a staff member to ask for advice, discuss problems, and share your experiences of UCT. With this in mind you are automatically assigned a mentor (probably a 2nd or 3rd year student) during the first week of lectures who understands the social needs, pressures, and stressors of university life and will be able to offer any advice or support you may need.

The mentors have been carefully selected, have received training for their role and will meet regularly with supervisor mentors so that their performance can be monitored. Mentors will also receive additional training and support throughout the year. Your mentors will meet with you once a week and you will also be able to contact them via email at any time.

Note: This is a formal, year-long programme, with the option to opt out of the mentoring relationship (and its benefits) at the start of the second semester. If you do not fully participate in the Mentorship Programme and are academically excluded at the end of the year, Humanities Faculty staff will not be able to support your application for readmission.



Michelle Mpike Brittani Nivens Sepiso Mwange


Room 24, Beattie Building


For more information on the Faculty of Humanities EDU programmes, download the 2015 Humanities EDU Guide.