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At the start of 2015 the HUM EDU began hosting ‘HUM EDU Teas’ in the unit seminar room. These informal gatherings take place on Thursday afternoons at 4pm, and all students on the EDP are invited. Sometimes there is a formal topic requested by students, and we have invited speakers, for example, ex-ED students who have gone on to Economics and Postgrad in Law; staff from the careers service; on other occasions our themes have included RMF/FMF; the purpose and structure of the ED programmes; stress and psycho-social issues etc. (see Table 52 below). On other occasions the sessions are ‘open’ and the group talks about any topic that arises. These teas are always attended by a minimum of two staff members from the Hum EDU, and student attendance ranges widely, from just a handful of students, to 20 or 30. The main activity for the sessions is chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits.

The unit has found that these sessions have been an invaluable way to learn more about the students, to engage with them on matters of importance, everything from academic to political matters, and to feedback on the things the unit is doing to try to improve its services.