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Admission and Readmission Requirements


Admissions to all Humanities Degrees are run by the Faculty Office. This includes admission to the Extended Degree Programme, which is done in consultation with the Director of the HUM EDU and the Faculty Admissions Committee.

Currently, prospective students can’t apply directly to the Humanities Extended Degrees – rather, students must apply to the general degrees and then once admitted, get placed on either the 3-year or 4-year programme, depending on a number of factors, particularly their race group classification and NSC and NBT scores.

For more information on admissions, go to the UCT admissions page:


Students on the 4-year degrees have to pass a certain number of courses each year in order to be readmitted in the following year. For four-year degrees, the minimum number of courses for students to be eligible to continue are as follows:

Year of Registration Requirements to be Allowed to Continue
First At least 2 semester courses
Second At least 4 semester courses
Third At least 8 semester courses
Fourth At least 12 semester coursesIncluding at least 2 senior semester courses
Fifth At least 16 courses, including at least 6 senior semester courses
Sixth Must have met the requirements for the degree

If a student is excluded for not passing the required amount of courses, they can apply through the readmissions appeal committee. More information can be found here