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Extended Degree Representative Council

Extended Degree Representative Council:

At the end of 2015 Humanities Extended Degree Students established a Representative Council. we established .  The Council was voted for by ED students via VULA. The successfully elected Humanities ED RC members were: Loyola (Lola) Nyathi (Chairperson), Monn-lee Geduld (Secretary General; Mentorship & Orientation), Zuko Fekisi (Transformation), Luvuyo Mdlalo (Academics), Njabulo Mpanza (Welfare), and Sakhile Tembe (Social Events & Public Relations).  Their manifesto included: (a) identifying problems concerning Humanities ED students and finding solutions to these; (b) ending the marginalisation of Humanities ED students at UCT; and (c) supporting ED students to achieve their educational and vocational goals.  This group has been working with the Humanities EDU staff members, as well as with other student governance bodies, in order to develop the transformative policies of the Unit and to promote open channels of communication between students and staff.


Due to the 2016 student protests, we have not been able to conclude the nomination and voting process for a 2016/2017 council, and hope that this will take place soon.

2015/2016 Humanities EDU Representatives Council

(Back): L Mdlalo, M Geduld, N Mpanza

(Front): Z Fekisi, L Nyathi, S Tembe